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Natalie Williams


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My name is Natalie Williams. I'm so happy you are here! A few things about me: I take too many photos for most people and I don't listen to excuses people have for not getting in photos.  I believe that photos are important, whether it is with me, another photographer, your own camera on a timer, or photos that were taken on a cell phone. Take the pictures! Last year, we suddenly and very unexpectedly lost my younger sister to a heart condition.  She was my best friend and a shining light in my life.  I miss her every day. Do you know what has given me some comfort?  The photos we have with her, especially the ones with her and my 8-year-old daughter. I will never apologize again for taking too many photos or for forcing people to jump in a photo.​ I'm a mom, uncomfortable in my own skin. I prefer to be behind the camera.  BUT, I can't preach what I do and not practice it.  Since my daughter was born 8 years ago, I get in the photos, even if I don't care for the extra weight I carry or the acne that plagues me in my 40s.  (Seriously though...why??) I constantly remind myself, that the photos aren't just for me. I decided long ago that when I lose the weight, and when I feel comfortable in my own skin again, I will have a great story of strength to share with my daughter.  She will see firsthand through photos that I was present in her life all along my journey.​ Think back to your favorite photos of you as a child.  I don't know about you, but I cherish the ones where my mom has me on her hip, sometimes in the background of the photo. Or my dad has me up on his shoulders and I am smiling ear-to-ear. Those candid, everyday moments.  Man, are those ones special!  Yes, photos of our kids are precious, but make it a balance. Are your kids really going to want photos of just them in their albums someday? Bless your grandparents, parents, yourself, your children and your future grandchildren with extended family photos, and use that time to update your own individual families' photos. Hopefully, a long time from now, when you are gone, photos are what your children and grandchildren will have to remember sweet moments of you all together.  Don't rob them of those memories.  Let's chat about making memories for your family a reality today. I'm looking forward to seeing your smile! 

:) Natalie

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